For posterity’s sake, here’s a quick update on the development of my projects, including this blog. I may have a few new visitors soon, so I’d like to give any potential new readers an update and hopefully a sense of direction as to where things around here are going.

I’ve published some surreal fiction online before (and via Creative Commons Zero Waiver, naturally) but as part of the Jeremy Kellerman Advice Hour Archive. This blog will soon see me release my first works online, those not done as direct collaborations with Mr. Kellerman or anyone else.

The first story I plan to release is “Roadkill.” Originally written in spring 2011 as part of a screenwriting class, it wound up being one of my favorite projects of all time. It tells the story of four ghostly animals searching for some fast food before their time on earth runs out. A member of the class, when I wrote it as part of a workshop, described it as “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle meets Homeward Bound, written by David Lynch.” Needless to say, I was quite flattered!

The adaptation process from screenplay to short story is finished. I need to do revisions now, and when I feel satisfied with it, both the short story and the script will be posted for your reading pleasure. As always, these will be released with the CC0 Waiver, so if you want to copy it, share it, or (my dream come true) make an animated movie out of it, please, do it, and if you choose that last option, consider letting me try out for the part of one of the characters! (Hint: for just this reason, I included myself as a character in a very minor role, so I should at least be able to get a few lines!)

In other news, my article “Let the Money In the Door: Opportunity in the Case of an Independent Artist,” was just posted to, thanks to the support of QC Executive Director Karl Fogel. It is my first contribution to Question Copyright and I’m honored to have been invited to submit it, and I hope it won’t be the last work I do for them. My thanks go out to Karl and all of the other contributors there for the work they do!

Now, as for this blog itself: a draft of a reflective little piece about one of my creative heroes (though one I’m generally not keen to discuss) was written in September and I’ve yet to take the time to edit it, but I plan to follow up on that soon. I’ve also got a sort of follow-up piece in rough draft form, “Why I Am a Free Culture Artist,” which is an open-letter to another artist with an opposing viewpoint to mine on the subject of copyright, a bit of an abridged personal memoir, a sort of artistic mission statement, and a follow-up to my article for Question Copyright.

If you’ve happened upon this blog thanks to that article on QC, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around and that you enjoy whatever mad little ramblings I feel inspired to post here.

Before I sign off, a quick side note: I started off calling this blog “The Dizziness of Freedom,” and I’ve now changed “Dizziness” to “Vertigo” because the former sounds stupid and the latter sounds kinda cool. The phrase is a translation from Kierkegaard, and until recently I’d only heard the former translation. The latter has a much better ring to it, don’t you think?

Thanks for reading and keep on your stick on the ice and some other warm, folksy farewell that I wish I could think of,

Leo Kirke